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Human-Computer Interaction (Mensch-Maschine Interaktion) SS'21
Vorlesung mit Übung

Dr.-Ing. Susana Castillo

Hörerkreis: Master

Modul: INF-VS-49
Vst.Nr.: 4216034

This summer semester, the ICG will offer the lecture "Human-Computer Interaction" previously hosted by Prof. Dr. Felix Büsching and, this year, it will be fully conducted in English. Of course, the lecture's format will adapt in order to fulfill the current restrictions due to the COVID-19. Each week we will update this website with the corresponding material. Please, stay tuned.

We expect to broadcast our lectures on Wednesdays at 11:30. All interested parties should have logged in on time for the start of the event.

In order to ensure a smooth course development, we would like to ask you to informally register as soon as possible by e-mail ( including your matriculation number and your aimed degree (MSc/BSc) and course of studies (Studiengang), so we can update you on any unforeseen changes in the lecture. Please note that this is a non-binding, informal registration solely for informative purpouses. Proper registration to the module via the corresponding Prüfungsamt is still required.

Stay healthy!


In this lecture, we will tackle the conception and prototypical implementation of innovative human-machine interfaces in the context of theoretical reflection on human-machine systems. In particular, the course will focus on the teaching of methods for the systematic determination of requirements, the design of user interfaces, and their evaluation.


Wednesdays, 11:30 - 13:00 and 13:15 - 14:45, Online 

The separation between the exercises and the lecture is not a hard one. 

All the materials for the lecture are password-protected.The password is announced on the first lecture and exercise session.


L1: Introduction [slides]


L2: The Human I. Introduction and Input/Output [slides]


L3: The Human II. Human Memory [slides]


L4: The Human III. Mental Processing and more [slides]


-no lecture-


L5: The Machine I. Introduction and Input/Output [slides]


-no lecture-


L6: The Machine II. Memo, processing & technical framework [slides]


L7: The Interacion. The Basics [slides]


L8: User-Centered Design [slides]


L9: User/Task/Domain/Requirement Analysis [slides]


L10: Generating Designs & Prototyping [slides]


L11: Evaluation I [slides]


L12: Evaluation II [slides]


L13: Recap & Exam preparation [slides]



  • The exam will be done via EvaExam. The students should decide till the 15.01.2022 if they would like to take the exam in German or in English by sending an email to Modifications on the decision can be done only till this date. If the student is registered and has not sent a mail with their preference till then, English will be assigned as the default option.

  • Date: Tuesday, 17th August 2021 (17.08.2021), 11:00 am (90 minutes)
  • Date (2nd take): Wednesday, 23rd February 2022 (23.02.2022), 11:00 am (90 minutes)

Online Survey (Lehrevaluation):

  • The teaching evaluation is done online. If you want to participate, please follow this link. The poll is now closed for participation (since 02.07.2021).


  • This course is offered as part of the masters' program in: Informatik and Wirtschaftsinformatik


  • As established by the corresponding Prüfungsamt


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