Computer Graphics
TU Braunschweig

Physics-Based Modeling and Simulation (Physikbasierte Modellierung und Simulation) SS'20
Vorlesung mit Übung

Dr.-Ing. Susana Castillo

Hörerkreis: Master

Modul: INF-CG-010
Vst.Nr.: 4216010, 4216016

Newton Cradle von Martin Kleppmann


Despite the current situation due to the COVID-19, the ICG will continue to offer PBM as planned during this summer semester. Nevertheless, the lecture's format will adapt in order to fulfill the current restrictions. Each week we will update this website with the corresponding slides and material, and we are currently considering several options regarding how to give more personalized support (like online sessions dedicated to questions). Please, stay tuned.

In order to ensure a smooth course development, we would like to ask you to informally register as soon as possible by e-mail (, so we can update you on any unforeseen changes in the lecture.

Stay healthy!


In this lecture, we will present and explain physical phenomena from the fields of Newtonian mechanics and optics.In particular, we will cover the main calculation models that are used in computer graphics for the plausible animation and simulation of such phenomena. During the practical exercises, the students will have the opportunity to perform interesting virtual experiments.


  • Rigid body dynamics
  • Newtonian mechanics
  • Differential equations
  • Numerical analysis
  • Particle systems
  • Matrix optics
  • Optics in participating media
  • Interference phenomena
  • Mechanik


    Mondays, 13:15 - 14:45, IZ161, Informatikzentrum Online


    Mondays, 15:00 - 16:30, G40, InformatikzentrumOnline (Personal laptop/desktop required)


    • Computergraphik 1 und 2
    • Programming knowledge in C/C++


    • Bachelor/Vordiplom


    • Dieter Meschede, Gerthsen Physik, Springer, 1956-2006
    • Frank Nielsen, Visual Computing, Charles River Media, Graphics Series, 2005

    Advanced Topics:

    • Andrew Glassner, Principles of Digital Image Synthesis Volume 2, Morgan Kaufmann, 1996
    • Dieter Meschede, Optik, Licht und Laser, Teubner, 1999
    • David H. Eberly, Game Physics, Morgan Kaufmann, Series in Interactive 3D Technology, 2004
    • Erleben, Sporring, Henriksen, Dohlmann, Physics-Based Animation, Charles River Media, Graphics Series, 2005
    • Christer Ericson, Real-Time Collision Detection, Morgan Kaufmann, Series in Interactive 3D Technology, 2005
    • Open Source Physics, Davidson College