Computer Graphics
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Scalable Visual Analytics

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Multiple Kinect Studies Physics-based Rendering

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Multiple Kinect Studies Reality CG

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Physics-based Rendering

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Object-aware Gradient-Domain Image Compositing
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Image-space Editing of 3D Content Reality CG

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Perception-based Visual Quality Measures
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Scalable Visual Analytics

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Assessing the Quality of Compressed Images Using EEG
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Reality CG ElectroEncephaloGraphics

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Simulating Visual Perception

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Constrained Example-Based Audio Synthesis
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Data Driven Color Mapping
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Scalable Visual Analytics

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CUDA Expression Templates
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Multiple Kinect Studies
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Multiple Kinect Studies

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Virtual Video Camera

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Computer Vision Algorithms for the DARPA Urban Challenge 2007

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Transparent and Specular Object Reconstruction
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Radio Astronomy Synthesis Imaging

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Scalable Visual Analytics

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High Resolution Image Correspondences for Video Post-Production
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Image-space Editing of 3D Content Virtual Video Camera

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The Minimal Bounding Volume Hierarchy
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Accelerating Photo-realistic RT

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ZIPMAPS: Zoom-Into-Parts Texture Maps
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Photo Zoom

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Improving the Visual Analysis of High-dimensional Datasets Using Quality Measures
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Scalable Visual Analytics