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Geometry Calibration Correction for Truncated Detector CT

Geometry Calibration Correction for Truncated Detector CT

In industrial Computed Tomography (CT), objects are often reconstructed from a circular scan trajectory. This reconstruction is possible even if only half of the object is visible in the detector at any given time, but at the cost of redundancies that can be used for the correction of miscalibrations. We propose a scheme for recalibration using only a sinogram of projections truncated in such a manner. The sinogram does not need to be of any particular phantom and can depict any object. We show that the scheme is effective and produces calibrations that are similarly accurate as their untruncated counterparts.

Author(s):Markus Wedekind, Darvin Mertsch, Susana Castillo, Marcus Magnor
Published:February 2023
Journal:e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (eJNDT) Vol. 28
Presented at:Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography (iCT) 2023
Note:iCT Special Issue
Project(s): Computed Tomography 

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