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Perception-motivated interpolation of image sequences

Perception-motivated interpolation of image sequences

We present a method for image interpolation that is able to create high-quality, perceptually convincing transitions between

recorded images. By implementing concepts derived from human vision, the problem of a physically correct image interpolation

is relaxed to that of image interpolation which is perceived as visually correct by human observers. We find that it suffices to

focus on exact edge correspondences, homogeneous regions and coherent motion to compute convincing results. A user study

confirms the visual quality of the proposed image interpolation approach. We show how each aspect of our approach increases

perceived quality of the result. We compare the results to other methods and assess achievable quality for different types of


Author(s):Timo Stich, Christian Linz, Christian Wallraven, Douglas Cunningham, Marcus Magnor
Published:February 2011
Journal:ACM Transactions on Applied Perception Vol. 8
Project(s): Perception-motivated Interpolation of Image Sequences  Image-space Editing of 3D Content  Reality CG 

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