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Multiple Kinect Studies

Multiple Kinect Studies

The Microsoft Kinect is a new color-depth (RGB-D) tracking device designed

for home entertainment. With its great performance and low price compared

to state-of-the-art depth tracking systems it is the target of a variety of

academic research.

We investigate the possibilities of using multiple Kinects in the same environment

for capturing opaque and translucent objects in motion. Arising

issues with the laser subsystems interfering with each other are solved using

fast rotating disks, creating a time division multiple access (TDMA) scenario.

We also introduce an algorithm to evaluate the quality of captured

depth images and compare the quality of depth images created with our

multiplexing technique to depth images obtained without multiplexing.

Author(s):Yannic Schröder, Alexander Scholz, Kai Berger, Kai Ruhl, Stefan Guthe, Marcus Magnor
Published:October 2011
Type:Technical Report
Project(s): Multiple Kinect Studies 

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