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Editing Object Behavior in Video Sequences

Editing Object Behavior in Video Sequences

While there are various commercial-strength editing tools available today for still images, object-based manipulation of real-world video footage is still a challenging problem. In this system paper, we present a framework for interactive video editing. Our focus is on footage from a single, conventional video camera. By relying on spatiotemporal editing techniques operating on the video cube, we do not need to recover 3D scene geometry. Our framework is capable of removing and inserting objects, object motion editing, non-rigid object deformations, keyframe interpolation, as well as emulating camera motion. We demonstrate how movie shots with moderate complexity can be persuasively modified during post-processing.

Author(s):Volker Scholz, Sascha El-Abed, Hans-Peter Seidel, Marcus Magnor
Published:September 2009
Journal:Computer Graphics Forum Vol. 28

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