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Efficient and Accurate Visualization of Complex Light Sources

Efficient and Accurate Visualization of Complex Light Sources

We present a new method for estimating the radiance function of lit automotive tail lamps. The method is based on Jensen’s photon mapping algorithm. In order to capture high angular frequencies in the radiance function, we incorporate the angular domain into the density estimation. However, density estimation in position-direction space makes it necessary to find a tradeoff between the spatial and angular accuracy of the estimation. We identify the parameters which are important for this tradeoff and investigate the typical estimation errors. We show how the large data size, which is inherent to the underlying problem, can be handled. The method is applied to different automotive tail lights. It could also be applied to other real-world light sources.

Author(s):Stefan Kniep, S. Haering, Marcus Magnor
Published:June 2009
Journal:Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of Eurographics EG) Vol. 28

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  • Stefan Kniep

    Fmr. Student
  • S. Haering

  • Marcus Magnor

    Director, Chair