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Modern Hardware Accelerated Point Based Holography

Modern Hardware Accelerated Point Based Holography

This paper presents a novel method for accelerating the computationally intensive process of point-based holography using consumer grade hardware.

By leveraging the parallel processing capabilities of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and implementing optimization techniques, the proposed method significantly reduces the time required to generate complex holograms.

A comprehensive analysis -- including benchmarks and comparative studies -- demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of this approach.

Our findings offer promising implications for real-time applications in virtual reality, and other fields that require rapid and accurate holographic rendering.

Author(s):Sascha Fricke, Reinhard Caspary, Susana Castillo, Martin Eisemann, Marcus Magnor
Published:July 2024
Journal:OSA Optics Express Vol. 32
Project(s): Wave Optics Rendering 

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