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Reconstructing 3D Human Avatars from Monocular Images

Reconstructing 3D Human Avatars from Monocular Images

Creating convincing representations of humans is a fundamental problem in both traditional arts and modern media. In our digital world, virtual avatars allow us to simulate and render the human body for a variety of applications, including movie production, sports, human-computer interaction, and medical sciences. However, capturing digital representations of a person’s shape, appearance, and motion is an expensive and time-consuming process which usually requires a lot of manual adjustments.

With the advances in consumer-grade virtual reality devices, personalized virtual avatars became an essential part of interactive and immersive applications like telepresence and virtual try-on for online fashion shopping, thereby increasing the need for versatile easy-to-use self-digitization.

In this chapter, we discuss a selection of recent acquisition methods for personalized human avatar reconstruction. In contrast to conventional setups, these fully-automatic approaches only use low-cost monocular video cameras to effectively fuse information from multiple points in time and realistically complete reconstructions from sparse observations. We address both straight-forward and sophisticated reconstruction methods focused on accuracy, simplicity, and usability to compare and provide insights into their visual fidelity and robustness.

Author(s):Thiemo Alldieck, Moritz Kappel, Susana Castillo, Marcus Magnor
Published:March 2020
Type:Book chapter
Book:Real VR – Immersive Digital Reality: How to Import the Real World into Head-Mounted Immersive Displays (Springer International Publishing, Cham)
Project(s): Real VR - Immersive Digital Reality  Comprehensive Human Performance Capture from Monocular Video Footage  Immersive Digital Reality 

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