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Video Processing and Computational Video

Video Processing and Computational Video

The goal of image-based rendering is to evoke a visceral sense

of presence in a scene using only photographs or videos. A huge variety of

different approaches have been developed during the last decade. Exam-

ining the underlying models we find three different main categories: view

interpolation based on geometry proxies, pure image interpolation tech-

niques and complete scene flow reconstruction. In this paper we present

three approaches for free-viewpoint video, one for each of these categories

and discuss their individual benefits and drawbacks. We hope that study-

ing the different approaches will help others in making important design

decisions when planning a free-viewpoint video system.

Editor(s):Marcus Magnor, Daniel Cremers, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Martin Oswald
Published:October 2011
Project(s): Virtual Video Camera  Reality CG 

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  • Marcus Magnor

    Director, Chair
  • Daniel Cremers

  • Lihi Zelnik-Manor

  • Martin Oswald