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EG 2015

Our paper General and Robust Error Estimation and Reconstruction for Monte Carlo Rendering has been accepted at Eurographics 2015.



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Research Mission

Progress in contemporary computer graphics is driven by the joint pursuit of interactivity, realism, and flexibility. To find viable solutions to the scientific and technological challenges encountered towards these goals, we pursue interdisciplinary strategies that draw on computer graphics, computer vision, applied optics, and human visual perception. Our goal is to contribute answers to fundamental scientific questions that empower us to devise new, practical algorithms for visual computing applications.

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Institut für Computergraphik
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email: cgattu-bs.de



Visual Computing Colloquium

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office hours Prof. Magnor:
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April 24, 2015: Talk by Maryam Mustafa: Promotions-V-Vg: Electroencephalographics:A Novel Modality for Graphics Research
April 10, 2015: Talk by Kai Ruhl: Promotions-V-Vg: Interactive Scene Reconstruction and Image Correspondence Estimation
March 6, 2015: Talk by Pablo Bauszat: Promotions-V-Vg: Advanced Denoising and Memory-efficient Acceleration for Realistic Image Synthesis
March 1, 2015: Our former Akademischer Rat Martin Eisemann is newly appointed Associate Professor for Computer Science at Cologne University of Applied Sciences. Congratulations Martin !
February 12, 2015: Talk by Emmy-Charlotte Förster: MA-Talk: Compressed Sensing and Sparse Coding for Depth and RGB-D Images

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